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Try moving around your apartment and turning every electrical switch off. Fridge, air con, everything. If the clicking stops then you know it is caused by one of your appliances. If it doesn't, try to track down the location of the noise. Is there someone I could hire to come to the house and check for devices and possible spyware on computers?

You would have to check security services in your area. Look for a small one-man business to keep costs down. My mail box has been broken into. My car has been damaged for months. I gave up trying to fix it because when I do it is damaged again.

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Today someone stole my coffee cup from the library when I walked away for 2 minutes. Could it be a stalker? Only you can determine if someone is stalking you. Keep a written record of every thing that happens. Photograph any damage to your property. Think about installing a small surveillance camera.

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The electricity thing is a separate issue and you need to find out if one of your neighbors is stealing power from you. It is easy to do, so get it checked out.

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Well, most high-quality bug sweepers have a good enough range to cover a whole garage from the door. However, if yours is one that requires you to get closer to the walls, then there's no solution other than to clean out the garage. It's a good reason to get it done. Remember that if there is any electronic equipment in there or anything with batteries, then it could cause a false reading. When you say "stiff lock," does that mean it has been tampered with?

Do I have to remove the lock to find a device? Remove the lock only if it feels different. Of course, locks can work themselves loose over time, but if you notice that it suddenly feels stiff or loose, it may have been tampered with. For some reason, hollow door handles are often chosen for spying devices, probably because most people wouldn't think to look there. Bear in mind that the use of such devices is becoming more infrequent, given that technology has made it far easier to install spying apps on phones and smart TVs.

I've found out I'm being spied on and I collected some of the cameras. But when I slept he took them, and no one believes me now.

What else can I do? Who is 'he'? You know who he is, so report him. Install a camera of your own and collect evidence that he's snooping around. Is it okay to be followed every time you leave home, or even when in your own house, by drones? My husband and I found a GPS tracking device behind the back bumper of our vehicle and a bug in our a.

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What should we do to find out who installed it? It's unlikely you will find out who put the devices there. As you have evidence - make sure you film the drones as well - you have enough to take to the police. If they can't help, contact a local property security company and ask them if they can do a full scan of your home and vehicles. Meanwhile, ask yourselves who would benefit from knowing your movements. Also, try not to leave your home unoccupied. How do you tell if you have audio implants in your tooth or jaw, and how do you get them removed? You can only set your mind at rest if you visit an orthodontist and get x-rays done.

Such a procedure is intricate, extremely costly and highly unlikely. I have heard of people who have amalgam fillings hearing radio broadcasts through their teeth.


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Perhaps that's what is happening to you? I sometimes hear a background phone conversation, and see a flashing light or hear a slight static sound every now and then. I also feel vibrations now and then. My husband says I'm just imagining things due to past trust issues. Is there a way to determine this? All the answers are in the article above. You can use a spy detector to track down any hidden electronic devices. However, your husband is obviously not being supportive regarding your fears. Ask him to sit down to have an open and honest conversation, that is if you think he has anything to do with the occurrences.

Any electronic equipment and devices should be disconnected or removed from the room before you carry out a bug sweep. You need to start 'clean' otherwise, you'll get false readings all over the place. I am being electronically harassed on a physical level remotely by an ex landlord. What can I do? Follow the advice given in the article. You need proof; physical or digital evidence. So screenshots, photos, recordings. Also keep a written log of every incident. Most issues with bug detectors are because they are sensitive to other devices in the vicinity.

In other words, they are over-accurate. When bug sweeping, make sure to unplug all electrical appliances. Remove computer equipment if possible. If your walls are shared with a neighbor, ask them if they would turn off their electrical equipment for a few minutes. No, it's your home, so you can check for devices whenever you want to.

You really need to collect proof that your home is being bugged or watched before you go to the police. If you find something, then take the evidence to them. That's a whole other topic.